“Back to School on Bobcats” DVD


Tired of Non-productive cat lines? “Back to school on Bobcats” is by far the most informative two hour DVD on finding Bobcats

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Tired of Non-productive cat lines?
“Back to School on Bobcats” is by far the most informative 2 hour dvd on finding bobcats. “You’ve got to find them before you can catch them”
Chapters include: Preseason Scouting; Locations within the Location; The basic walkthrough set; Maintaining the Trapline; Goal Setting; Checking Traps and much more.
The producer of “Back to School on Bobcats”, Robert Helms has trapped bobcats for 38 years. As a long-liner he learned to keep QUIET. Up until now he has shared his knowledge with no one, Robert has tried to stay under the radar, so to speak. It wasn’t until his 10 year old daughter Reilee Helms bought his lure recipes and started WESTERN CATS, INC. Reilee’s goal is t get kids of all ages to experience what she has trapping with her dad. Reilee knows if kids could go checking traps just once, they would be hooked on trapping, just like her.

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